Our Approach

"Can't is not in my vocabulary."  Our founder's motto.  This sums up our support to our customers.

If you have a need, we will find you a solution.  Our team has decades of experience protecting everything from information to nuclear weapons.  And if we don't have the resources to find you a solution, our networks of contacts literally goes around the globe.

Our solutions have no bounds.  We don't look for what everyone else is doing, we look for the best solution for your situation.

While we think outside the box, we try not to lose track of where the box is.

Our Story

After years of working highly secure government facilities, I was amazed at the lack of security in industry.

It's a fallacy to think someone smart enough to make billions of dollars a year in their niche, has the skills to protect the intellectual property which got them there.

It's not that they aren't smart enough, or driven to protect what's theirs, they just don't have the background or skill to do so.  And lacking that, they often hire "security experts" who don't know much more than they do to protect them.

I've found most people, not in the security industry, protect 3 things.

  1. What they are required to protect by law or regulation in their industry.
  2. What they've been burned on in the past.
  3. What their friends and colleagues have been burned on.

SASQ LLC was founded to fill the gap and answer industry's need for information security.

Meet the Team

When we come out to support you, you'll get a chance to meet us.

The people we bring on to help you are camera shy, and don't like publicity.

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